Software-based tool management Guhring’s networking solutions for your production area

Classic production processes are currently undergoing dramatic changes: Industry 4.0 sets out to combine industrial production with communication and information technology to help improve productivity and flexibility. As part of its Tool Management service, Guhring provides its customers with the tool call data for a transparent machining process and then optimises this. Guhring tool management software is an integral part of this. The newly programmed GTMS is supplemented by the Guhring tool dispensing systems in a revamped user-friendly design.

Guhring combines tool dispensing systems in the production facilities of its customers with an IT-based tool management system, the Guhring Tool Management Software (GTMS). This has been completely revised and comes with a range of new features for the user as well as with a new web interface. Guhring therefore ensures a reliable tooling supply for the user and ensures that the right item is available in the right place at the right time – in real-time as a transparent, digital tool process. 

Real-time data with GTMS
Guhring developed GTMS for control and operation of its TM 326, TM 426 and TM 526 dispensing systems. The aim is to organise the entire tool supply process in a cost-optimised manner. This comprehensive software options make tangible potential cost-savings clearly visible.
The Guhring Tool Management Software makes it possible to continuously monitor tool consumption. A reporting system for all tool movement data makes tool costs more transparent. This is achieved by specific allocation of tool costs to cost groups such as cost centres. An ABC analysis of tools can also provide an insight into the tool management process. With GTMS, ordering proposals can be produced automatically if required. Here, a notification is sent to the employee responsible, Purchasing or Controlling whenever stocks fall below a pre-defined level, or an automatic order is sent to the supplier. This prevents a situation arising where insufficient tools are available.
Also, tool wear data can be recorded automatically, incoming goods checked or orders managed. Precise consumption analyses based on various criteria such as tool consumption per component, per machine or per production area can help with sustainable tool management, as well as with supplier evaluation and monitoring of deadline compliance. With the help of GTMS and the newly designed TM dispensing systems, all stocks and removals from stock are fully documented.

Highlights and design of the new GTMS

user-friendly and customizable dashboard design
+ user specific definable interface
+ direct access to frequently used modules
+ real-time reporting
+ higher user comfort

Management serial numbers
+ management of single tools thanks to assignment of serial numbers
+ permanent monitoring of the site where the machine is used
+ the complete life cycle of a tool is documented and is available for evaluation and optimisation purposes

Customer-specific reporting
+ costumer specific real-time reporting
+ new graphical presentation possibilities, even in responsive design mode

Maschine management
+ displaying of machine park
+ incident documentation
+ planning and controlling of measures
+ maintenance plans
+ overview of downtimes and costs

Extensive planning tools
+ internal message management with commenting system and tracking tool
+ parts management with nominal/actual comparison of production figures or costs
+ part lists with where-used or availability lists
+ data collection of wear and tear for process optimization
+ working time recording system
+ equipment management
+ incoming inspection with freely definable criteria
Thanks to the wide range of possibilities many of the features can be customized
to meet the requirements of each single user. In so doing, Guhring responses to
the demands of the market for transparent, efficient and a highly specialized
production processes. The new tool dispensing system TM 326 and 526 with
enlarged touchpad (21,5“) stands for a modern design and functionally intelligent
comfort and provides the basis for a networking production.

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