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22/4/2021 -» 24/4/2021

Attenzione!! La manifestazione è stata, al momento, sospesa causa pandemia COVID-19, Seguiteci sui nostri canali web e social per i futuri aggiornamenti.


A seguito del successo della prima edizione Tornitura Show ritorna nel febbraio 2021 con un programma denso di novità  sia come contenuto sia per quanto riguarda i convegni. Guarda il video della prima edizione:



31/8/2021 -» 4/9/2021

MAKTEK Eurasia Fair will take place on August 31 – September 04, 2021 at the TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center in Büyükçekmece. The fair will be a significant stage in the development of the coordination and innovative collaborations between these strategic sectors. Machine tools, metal - sheet processing machines, retainer - cutting tools, quality control - measurement systems, CAD / CAM, PLM software and production technology will take place at MAKTEK 2021. Maktek Eurasia is going to bring together businessmen from all four corners of the world in 14 halls spanning a total of 120,000 square meters.



6/9/2021 -» 6/9/2021

Complete machining of complex and difficult to machine components from the aviation industry

For almost four decades, WFL has been exclusively involved in the manufacture and further development of MILLTURN complete machining centers. As a pioneer in this area, WFL proves the technological advancement based on the particularly stable and flexible machine concept as well as the innovative processing technologies and software solutions. 



Evento Web - (AT)


6/9/2021 -» 9/9/2021

Après le succès rencontré à l'occasion des deux premières éditions du grand rassemblement industriel français Global Industrie, le salon INDUSTRIE, LE rendez-vous des technologies et équipements de production, sera de retour dans ce cadre à Eurexpo Lyon.



8/9/2021 -» 10/9/2021


With a total of 151 exhibitors, the first edition of Machineering, which was held in 2019 at Brussels Expo, managed to attract 6,600 visitors. For a small country like Belgium, this was quite a successful pilot edition. Especially considering that the number of Belgian companies active in the processing and assembly of materials, mechanical engineering and industrial supply is about 7,000 registered companies, small to large. Belgium will soon be able to once again enjoy its fantastic manufacturing trade show, and all the factors that contributed to the success of the first edition will be further developed and balanced for the next edition in 2021

Bruxelles - (BE)


14/9/2021 -» 16/9/2021

Subcon is firmly established as the must-attend event for subcontract manufacturing professionals across all industry sectors, looking to source suppliers, benchmark capabilities and secure the right partners to help them remain competitive in a global market. The best of British manufacturing will be on display alongside a wealth of market leading international suppliers all looking to help UK manufacturers optimise their supply chain strategy in 2019 and beyond.



14/9/2021 -» 16/9/2021

The Engineer Expo will once again be co-located with Subcon and new for 2020, they will also be joined by the very popular Manufacturing Management Show. Together they will deliver a unique and relevant event for the manufacturing and engineering industry. Bringing the best suppliers, latest innovations and practical advice to help build new partnerships and optimise business strategies.



14/9/2021 -» 16/9/2021

The Manufacturing Management Show is back! Created by the publishers of Manufacturing Management magazine, the Manufacturing Management Show brings everything you need to know about running a successful manufacturing site under one roof. From maintenance to materials handling, CI and skills, IT to health & safety, The Manufacturing Management Show showcases a multitude of topics, curated specifically to deliver an audience of senior manufacturing leaders from across the UK.



22/9/2021 -» 23/9/2021

The Fastener Expo: A complete international showcase of market leading fastener & fixing technologies The Fastener Expo reaches every corner of the industry to provide a platform for the latest products, innovations, and industry insights shaping the future of the fastener and fixing industry. This unique two day event boasts expert-led seminars and cutting-edge distributors and manufacturers, all intending to effectively tackle business demand. The Fastener Expo is not one to miss if you are a business, manufacturer, or distributor in need of the latest fastener and fixing products or services!



23/9/2021 -» 25/9/2021

BRESCIA é la terza provincia d'Europa superspecializzata nell'industria con un valore industriale oltre i 10 miliardi di euro, nonché il territorio con la maggior concentrazione di aziende nella lavorazione dei metalli. 100.411 addetti (68,1% del manifatturiero) 23,1 miliardi fatturato 11,2 miliardi di export



8.668 imprese (58,4% del manifatturiero)
468 metallurgico 
4.209 prodotti in metallo
3.113 apparecchiature

100.411 addetti (68,1% del manifatturiero)

23,1 miliardi fatturato
11,2 miliardi di export



28/9/2021 -» 30/9/2021

10a Esposizione internazionale per le tecnologie, prodotti e sistemi ferroviari - EXPO Ferroviaria è dedicata a tutti i settori della tecnologia ferroviaria. Oltre ai produttori dei principali campi della tecnologia di materiale rotabile, rotaie ed infrastrutture, segnalazione e comunicazioni, la fiera rappresenta anche una vetrina per i fornitori di molti altri prodotti specializzati, tra cui equipaggiamenti per la manutenzione dei veicoli, sistemi di biglietteria, elettronica e cavi per applicazioni ferroviarie.

Fiera Milano Rho - Milano - (IT)


28/9/2021 -» 29/9/2021

In the context of the current situation and with the current travel restrictions impacting a number of exhibitors, sponsors and speakers, organiser RX (Reed Exhibitions) have made the difficult but appropriate decision to postpone ALUMINIUM 2021 to next year. ALUMINIUM trade fair has been replaced with a congress: The ALUMINIUM Business Summit which will take place in Düsseldorf from 28 to 29 September.


It should have been the long-awaited restart event for the aluminium industry. But due to the after-effects of the Corona pandemic, the ALUMINIUM trade fair in Düsseldorf cannot take place as planned from 28 to 30 September 2021. Instead, organiser RX and the German Aluminium Association (Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie, GDA), together with the CRU Group, are planning a two-day hybrid congress format. On 28 and 29 September the ALUMINIUM Business Summit will bring experts together live and digitally for an exchange of ideas.



4/10/2021 -» 9/10/2021

Leader indiscussa nel panorama delle manifestazioni espositive di settore, EMO è l'evento di riferimento per gli operatori dell'industria manifatturiera che si danno appuntamento alla kermesse capace di favorire, come nessun'altra, l'incontro tra domanda e offerta di sistemi di produzione, indipendentemente dall'andamento del contesto.



5/10/2021 -» 7/10/2021

Made in Steel è il più importante evento del sud Europa dedicato all’intera filiera dell’acciaio.Made in Steel è Conference & Exhibition: un equilibrio perfetto tra business e riflessione, relazioni e conoscenza, una vetrina espositiva e allo stesso tempo un polo di cultura che, attraverso convegni, forum e tavole rotonde, vuole favorire i flussi e la trasversalità delle conoscenze, elementi indispensabili per la competitività delle imprese.

Fiera Milano RHO - (IT)


6/10/2021 -» 7/10/2021

A 360-degree approach of the boilermaking, pressure equipment and piping equipment industry



12/10/2021 -» 14/10/2021

L'incontro di settore per le fasi di produzione sbavatura - arrotondamento - lucidatura

Con il DeburringEXPO i fornitori di prodotti e servizi hanno a disposizione una piattaforma personale e precisa per presentare e diffondere il know-how correlato a queste fasi di produzione fondamentali ai fini della qualità.


13/10/2021 -» 15/10/2021

FTI - Indonesian Manufacturing Technology is a new industrial exhibition dedicated towards encouraging trade exchange between global, regional as well as local metal industry players. Focused on the need to bring in advanced metal processing, foundry, casting technologies, fabrication and metallurgy solutions required by competitive domestic players, IMT will open Indonesia's metal markets for worldwide contribution.

Jakarta, Indonesia - (ID)


20/10/2021 -» 22/10/2021

La DST Südwest di Villingen-Schwenningen presenta e supporta l'offerta e la domanda nel campo della tecnologia di lavorazione con prodotti e servizi ogni due anni. Le aziende e le istituzioni espositrici possono presentare qui i loro sviluppi e le loro tecnologie.

La gamma dei prodotti espodti in fiera spazia da macchine utensili, sistemi e attrezzature periferici, strumenti di precisione, materiali e forniture, robot/cobot, software e sistemi di controllo fino alla garanzia della qualità, servizi, accessori e intere catene di processo. I decisori e i dipendenti interessati delle aziende manifatturiere e di trasformazione della regione hanno qui l'opportunità ideale per incontrare tutte le informazioni e le innovazioni in materia di tornitura, fresatura e lavorazione meccanica in un giorno, su brevi distanze.

SMA Südwest Messe - Villingen-Schwenningen - (DE)


26/10/2021 -» 28/10/2021

Subcontratacion Bilbao: A tour of the world of manufacturing processes in which you will find solutions tailored to your needs From the most basic industrial subcontracting processes to state-of-the art technologies, complete manufacturing processes, equipment and supplies for casting, forging, rolling, treatment, welding, handling, etc. If your firm works in the automotive, aeronautics, metallurgy, capital goods, machine-tools, railways, energy, shipbuilding or oil industries, among others, we offer a forum for business where you can locate new suppliers, extend your current portfolio and learn first hand about proposals and solutions tailored to your organisational needs and your requirements in terms of manufacturing equipment and subcontracting for production processes.


SIFER 2021

26/10/2021 -» 28/10/2021

SIFER est l'unique événement en France entièrement consacré au secteur dynamique de l'approvisionnement ferroviaire, et votre passerelle vers l'un des principaux marchés européens. L’ensemble des acteurs de la filière - grands donneurs d’ordre, équipementiers, fournisseurs, sous-traitants, opérateurs et gestionnaires de transport public - se rencontrent, et développent des opportunités de business



26/10/2021 -» 29/10/2021

Blech meets Business

The practical trade fair duo of Blechexpo and Schweisstec takes place on a two-year cycle in the state trade fair centre in Stuttgart (Landesmesse Stuttgart) and is the only event in the world that deals with the complementary technologies of sheet metal processing and joining technology. Within the shortest timeframe, Blechexpo has been able to gain a leading position in Europe and now ranks second in the world on the list of trade fairs for sheet metal processing. The Schweisstec international specialist trade fair for joining technology forms the ideal complement. It presents all of the relevant mechanical and thermal joining and connecting procedures as well as thermal welding processes.



26/10/2021 -» 29/10/2021

Blech meets Business

The practical trade fair duo of Blechexpo and Schweisstec takes place on a two-year cycle in the state trade fair centre in Stuttgart (Landesmesse Stuttgart) and is the only event in the world that deals with the complementary technologies of sheet metal processing and joining technology. Within the shortest timeframe, Blechexpo has been able to gain a leading position in Europe and now ranks second in the world on the list of trade fairs for sheet metal processing. The Schweisstec international specialist trade fair for joining technology forms the ideal complement. It presents all of the relevant mechanical and thermal joining and connecting procedures as well as thermal welding processes.



5/11/2021 -» 7/11/2021

VISION is the world's leading trade fair for machine vision. The who's who in the machine vision industry meets in Stuttgart and presents an incomparable range of products and services: from sensors to processors, from cables to cameras, from software to illumination systems. However, complete machine vision systems and very specific applications for many different industries are exhibited - from mechanical engineering and the automotive industry through to the medical technology industry and many, many more industries besides. We take account of the diverse interests of visitors through special event modules such as the Integration Area and the Industrial VISION days forum.



16/11/2021 -» 18/11/2021

IL NOSTRO CONCEPT - Tutti gli stabilimenti gestiscono problematiche abbastanza simili: dalla manutenzione allo stoccaggio, dall'accettazione delle materie prime al processo di produzione, dalla manutenzione preventiva alla gestione dei fluidi… Il salone SEPEM Industries risponde alle loro esigenze, offrendo una gamma completa di know-how attraverso centinaia di espositori, in un unico luogo e in un'unica data, nelle immediate vicinanze dei siti produttivi invitati.



23/11/2021 -» 25/11/2021

A partire dal 2021 MECSPE, la fiera di riferimento per l'industria manifatturiera e per la fabbrica intelligente, proseguirà il proprio sviluppo internazionale nel quartiere fieristico di BolognaFiere



30/11/2021 -» 2/12/2021

A&DM Torino is the only international business convention for the aerospace and defense industry organized in Italy.

It is tailored to participants’ needs: in 3 days, all companies have the chance to meet, build up targeted business relations and develop new projects with partners from all over the world.

For key players and primes A&DM Torino is a unique occasion to optimize research into new suppliers innovations and products. 




3/2/2022 -» 5/2/2022

SamuMetal è ormai un punto di riferimento nel panorama fieristico per il settore delle tecnologie e degli utensili per la lavorazione dei metalli.

La manifestazione è un’occasione perfetta per conoscere clienti finali, distributori e buyer, provenienti anche dall’estero, con l’obiettivo di trovare nuovi business e sinergie. Ideale anche per approfondire tematiche oggetto di confronto quotidiano tra costruttori e utilizzatori, oltre a standard tecnici, economici, qualità e sicurezza.

Lo svolgimento in contemporanea di SamuMetal, SamuPlast e Subtech garantisce ampia visibilità e possibilità di sviluppo di nuovi business.

Pordenone - (IT)


3/2/2022 -» 5/2/2022

SubTech è erede della ventennale esperienza maturata con Sasme, si inserisce in un territorio tradizionalmente legato alla componentistica e meccanica, un distretto di imprese all’avanguardia e molto specializzate.

Subtech è il luogo ideale per incontrare clienti nazionali ed internazionali, grazie all’ampia visibilità data dalle tre manifestazioni in contemporanea e che coprono tutto il mondo delle lavorazioni tecniche legate ai metalli e alle materie plastiche.

Lo svolgimento in contemporanea di SamuMetal, SamuPlast e Subtech garantisce ampia visibilità e possibilità di sviluppo di nuovi business.



8/3/2022 -» 11/3/2022

Salon international de la machine-outil de décolletage - International bar turning machine tool show

+ 300 exposants français et internationaux sont attendus parmi lesquels :

  • Équipements de production
  • Périphériques machines
  • Outils coupants
  • Métrologie et contrôle
  • Robotisation et assemblage
  • Environnement et sécurité
  • Fournitures industrielles
  • Maintenance et sous-traitance
  • Fabrication additive
  • Services

La Roche-sur-Foron - (FR)

METAV 2022

8/3/2022 -» 11/3/2022

 With the METAV web sessions, the VDW offered all exhibitors and visitors a channel for the practice-oriented exchange of information and ventured into the virtual world with METAV digital in March 2021. The VDW will draw on this experience and continue to expand the trade fair's digital offerings in the future. At METAV 2022, exhibitors and visitors can now look forward not only to the well-known good atmosphere and clear product structure, but also to a METAV in hybrid form. Then we will say: Real & digital - the perfect match!



15/3/2022 -» 18/3/2022

GrindTec - the world's leading platform for grinding technology The GrindTec is the international leading special exhibition on tool grinding technology. More than 600 exhibitors from 30 countries present their novelties and solutions in the field of grinding technology in the two-year period at the Messe Augsburg. The focus of the exhibitors is also on the topics of Industry 4.0 and electromobility. The important market participants as well as renowned international companies, which offer the best possible overview of the state of the grinding technology, are among the exhibitors of the trade fair.

Augsburg - (DE)

MACH 2022

4/4/2022 -» 8/4/2022

MACH is a fantastic event for both exhibitors and visitors. Showcasing live, digital production systems in one space, under one roof, hundreds of millions of pounds worth of business is discussed, secured and completed at the event. Attracting 25,000 visitors and in excess of 600 exhibitors, MACH is the platform to connect UK manufacturing engineers, decision makers, buyers and specifiers with suppliers of new technology, equipment, services and processes. MACH is owned and organised by The Manufacturing Technologies Association, the voice for the manufacturing technologies industry, committed to driving innovation, creating value and helping UK manufacturing to thrive.



5/4/2022 -» 8/4/2022

The trade fair for microtechnology production tools Located in the centre of the regional Jura industry, SIAMS unites every two years the players of the industry and presents the means of production of microtechnology. This fair created to respond to the specific concerns of precision-industry entrepreneurs presents an ideal technology platform with more than 450 specialised exhibitors. Even today, however, SIAMS still focuses and shall continue to focus on its core competencies: the means of production of microtechnology, establishing contacts between visitors and exhibitors, and the industrial pragmatism that characterize it since 1989.



25/4/2022 -» 29/4/2022

The leading and biggest trade fair in the world for industrial technology! The interplay between automation and energy technology, IT platforms and artificial intelligence is driving the digital transformation of industry.

Hannover - (DE)


9/5/2022 -» 13/5/2022

New date for Wire and Tube Düsseldorf: The world's leading international trade fairs for the wire, cable, tube and pipe industry, wire and Tube, will take place from 7 to 11 December 2020 at Düsseldorf Fairgrounds. This is Messe Düsseldorf's timely response to the postponement of the industry highlights announced at the end of February. It was agreed in consultation with all partners involved in order to counteract the increasingly dynamic developments regarding the possible spread of the coronavirus.

Düsseldorf - (DE)


17/5/2022 -» 20/5/2022

GrindingHub - from the industry for the industry

Are you offering solutions for all aspects of grinding technology, from traditional grinding machines to fully automated grinding processes? Then GrindingHub, the new trade fair for grinding technology, offers you the perfect platform to present your company and your products. With its clear focus, international approach and modern, hybrid trade fair concept, GrindingHub will become the new industry meeting place for grinding technology - from the industry for the industry. The strong team of VDW, Messe Stuttgart and SWISSMEM as the promotional supporter, will bundle industry and trade fair expertise and with the modern Stuttgart trade fair venue the new leading trade fair for the industry will be created. The GrindingHub.



25/5/2022 -» 28/5/2022

LAMIERA, mostra internazionale dedicata all’industria delle macchine utensili per la deformazione della lamiera e delle tecnologie innovative legate al comparto, in programma a fieramilano Rho dal 26 al 29 maggio 2021, è ufficialmente rinviata di un anno. Le nuove date della manifestazione promossa da UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE e organizzata da CEU-CENTRO ESPOSIZIONI UCIMU sono già indicate: dal 25 al 28 maggio 2022.





25/5/2022 -» 26/5/2022


BIEMH 2022

30/5/2022 -» 3/6/2022

More than 42,000 people have visited the 30th edition of BIEMH, a figure that exceeds the final result obtained in 2016 by 5% in an event celebrated with 1 less day. Xabier Basañez, the General Director of Bilbao Exhibition Centre has called the event an “absolute success”.



21/6/2022 -» 23/6/2022

Discover the variety of Laser Material Processing! Are you looking for a universal tool? A tool that increases output during material processing and at the same time makes your production more efficient? If so, LASYS, International Trade Fair for Laser Material Processing, is the right place for you!



13/9/2022 -» 17/9/2022

Meeting point for the industry located in the heart of Europe On five trade fair days, your products and services will be the focus for people whose passion and lifeblood is metal working. In 2018, AMB again achieved top marks. Never before has so much exhibition area (125,800 square metres) been occupied or so many exhibitors (1,553) and visitors (91,016) come to the trade fair centre.



27/9/2022 -» 30/9/2022

International microtechnology trade fair - Precision - miniaturisation - integration of complex functions - From R&D to subcontracting and production technology - All markets are involved

Besançon - (FR)


27/9/2022 -» 29/9/2022


... the world's leading trade show and B2B platform for the aluminum industry and its main application industries - the show focuses on solutions for automotive, mechanical engineering, building and construction, aerospace, electronics, packaging and transportation.

As the industry's most important platform, ALUMINIUM brings together producers, processors, end consumers and technology suppliers along the entire value chain from more than 100 countries



11/10/2022 -» 13/10/2022

The International Suppliers Fair (IZB) is aimed at all automotive industry suppliers and has a prominent reputation in international professional circles.

The high-quality exhibitors and large number of key decision-makers and trade visitors that attend the IZB make it an important communication and business platform for the industry.

Year after year, the IZB continuously records an increase in its number of exhibitors and trade visitors. The trade fair has been able to constantly develop its leading position in the automotive supplier industry for a number of obvious reasons:

The IZB …

  • is Europe’s leading trade fair for the automotive supplier industry
  • is authentic due to its location at the headquarters of Volkswagen AG
  • represents the entire automotive value chain
  • is strictly aimed at the specialist public as a target group
  • is a major gathering for decision-makers in the industry
  • is a top marketplace for pioneering innovations
  • is a business and network platform for TOP managers in industry

... is an absolute must for your calendar! Save the date now!


33 BI-MU

12/10/2022 -» 15/10/2022

La novità di questa edizione è un nuovo e innovativo progetto espositivo dedicato al mondo della robotica e ospitato nell’ambito di 33.BI-MU, biennale internazionale della macchina utensile, in scena a fieramilano Rho dal 12 al 15 ottobre 2022.



25/10/2022 -» 28/10/2022

EuroBLECH is the largest trade exhibition for the sheet metal working industry and is valued by top industry professionals from all over the world as the marketplace for finding an extensive range of products and services.


26/10/2022 -» 28/10/2022

International Metal Technology Indonesia is a new industrial exhibition dedicated towards encouraging trade exchange between global, regional as well as local metal industry players. Focused on the need to bring in advanced metal processing, foundry, casting technologies, fabrication and metallurgy solutions required by competitive domestic players, IMT will open Indonesia's metal markets for worldwide contribution. Leading domestic and foreign manufacturers representing the complete spectrum of the metal supply chain will bring their latest technologies to spur Indonesia’s metal industry development.

International Metal Technology (IMT) Indonesia and Fabrication Technology Indonesia 2021 exhibition, the new industrial exhibition dedicated for Indonesia’s metal industry development is now slated to be a hybrid exhibition with an online and onsite edition.

Jakarta, Indonesia - (ID)


26/10/2022 -» 28/10/2022

Le 1er salon industriel du Grand Sud. La 15ème édition du SIANE confirme son positionnement de « 1er salon industriel du Grand Sud » avec plusieurs espaces d’exposition dédiés aux solutions pour la mise en oeuvre de l’usine de demain et notamment un atelier connecté de 225 m². Un nouveau parc des expositions pour de nouvelles ambitions. Avec un vaste espace ouvert de 22 500 m² sur un seul hall, le nouveau parc des expos de Toulouse se transformera durant 3 jours en véritable usine. Vous pourrez retrouver en un lieu unique tout ce que l’industrie utilise comme machines-outils, robots et technologies. Avec près de 650 tonnes de machines en fonctionnement et de nombreuses innovations technologiques, les professionnels de l’industrie pourront se projeter et imaginer la modernisation potentielle de leur outil de production.A noter, la présence d’une usine connectée 4.0 sur un espace de 495 m².



30/11/2022 -» 1/12/2022

Dopo il grande successo ottenuto nel 2018, la vetrina fondamentale in Italia dedicata a fornitori di prodotti, servizi e tecnologie per produzione di viteria, bulloneria e sistemi di fissaggio ritorna nel 2020 a Milano, presso il prestigioso centro espositivo Fiera Milano City, Padiglione 3. Fastener Fair Italy è parte di una rinomata serie internazionale di esposizioni dedicata interamente alle tecnologie per viteria, bulloneria e sistemi di fissaggio. L'evento fornisce una piattaforma ideale per costruire rapporti commerciali di successo tra produttori, grossisti e distributori, utenti finali e professionisti del settore.



21/3/2023 -» 23/3/2023

La 9a Fastener Fair Stuttgart sarà la piattaforma ideale per produttori, grossisti, distributori e fornitori di tecnologie di fissaggio ed assemblaggio, atta a raggiungere un pubblico qualificato di distributori, fornitori, ingegneri e altri professionisti provenienti da diversi settori industriali.


Parliamo della più importante fiera a livello mondiale per l’industria della viteria, bulloneria e dei sistemi di fissaggio ed è il punto d’incontro per tutti gli specialisti del settore. Nel 2019, 987 espositori provenienti da 45 paesi hanno presentato la gamma più completa di tecnologie di fissaggio a 12'070 visitatori giunti da 90 nazioni diverse.

Fastener Fair Stuttgart copre l’intero assortimento del settore delle tecnologie di fissaggio: viteria, bulloneria e fissaggi industriali, fissaggi per costruzioni, sistemi di installazione e assemblaggio e tecnologia per la produzione di viteria e bulloneria. I visitatori della fiera sono distributori, fornitori, ingegneri e altri esperti appartenenti a diversi settori industriali.

Nell’edizione del 2023 avrai l’opportunità di presentare a un pubblico internazionale di professionisti i tuoi sviluppi tecnologici più recenti come pure i sistemi convenzionali di tutti i settori della tecnica di fissaggio.



18/9/2023 -» 23/9/2023

Dal 18 al 23 settembre 2023, espositori di tutto il mondo proporranno ancora una volta la loro capacità produttiva e la loro forza innovativa alla EMO di Hannover, la fiera leader del settore.